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Multi VirAnalyzer

Equipment Support: the software supports our full range of oscilloscope hardware.

System Support: Win7 (32), Win7 (64), Win8 (32), Win8 (64), Win10 (32), Win10 (64).


Update Log: V3.13.2.0 (2022.5.17)

1. Fixed the error of the trigger position of the waveform, and the frequency display was 2 times the bug
Russian version:
The Russian version, currently only completed to start the selection of devmng.exe, oscilloscope (simplified version) SpecialVersion.exe and oscilloscope (Professional version) ProfessionalVersion.exe translation work.
Xp system:
Please download: V3.10.12.0
Download Links(official):

V3.13.2.0   English Version download       Russian Version download

V3.12.6.0   English Version download       Russian Version download

V3.12.5.0   English Version download       Russian Version download

V3.12.4.1   English Version download       Russian Version download

V3.12.1.1   English Version download       Russian Version download

V3.11.4.1   English Version download

V3.11.2.1   English Version download

V3.11.2.1   English Version download

V3.11.1.0    English Version download

V3.10.12.0  English Version download

V3.10.9.0  English Version download

V3.10.8.1  English Version download

V3.10.3.6  English Version download

V3.10.2.1  English Version download

V3.9.5.2  English Version download


Download Links(github):

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