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Multi VirAnalyzer

Equipment Support: the software supports our full range of oscilloscope hardware.

System Support: Xp, Win7 (32), Win7 (64), Win8 (32), Win8 (64), Win10 (32), Win10 (64).

Update Log: V3.12.1.1 (2021.4.6)
1. fix Oscilloscope/Spectrum Analyzer(Simplified) -> "Reference" button does not work.
2. fix Data Recorder -> The selection of the probe divider does not work.
Download Links:

V3.12.1.1   official download

V3.11.4.1   official download

V3.11.2.1   official download

V3.11.2.1   official download

V3.11.1.0    official download

V3.10.12.0  official download